Leverage PCB/PCBA DFM/DFA  Capability with High Level 3D Solution

Leverage PCB/PCBA DFM/DFA Capability with High Level 3D Solution


What’s two most important areas determining PCBA quality? DFM/DFA/DFX review and stencil aperture creation. DFM/DFA/DFX review is the area we could find out quality risks prior to design fix, stencil aperture creation is the last chance we could control solder joints quality upon design fix.

We’ve really talked about know-how digitalization transformation to stencil aperture creation (core SMT process step), we’d like to talk about high-level DFM/DFA/DFX solution for PCB/PCBA this time.

You may still use 2D DFM/DFA solution now, time to transform and upgrade your capability with high-level 3D DFM/DFA/DFX solution!

Vayo’s 3D DFM/DFA/DFX solution, IPC innovation awarded product, allow you simulate finished assembled board (PCBA), and better understand & communication the impact of DFM/DFA/DFX violations in virtualized PCBA environment.

Flexible checking rules edit function allows you easily transfer your know-how of PCB design, fabrication & assembly to digitalized knowledgebase for best practice enforcement & continuous improvement purpose.

1,500+ existing checks with 50 checks increasing per year is the commitment from Vayo team, a technology driven company with 16+ years dedication to intelligent NPI software for SMT industry.

“Vayo tool has been extremely useful for us in identifying assembly issues much ahead of the actual assembly process.” said Atar Mittal, General manager from Sierra Circuits. “We are impressed by the high-level 3D DFM/DFA capability. Customer feedback with this unique 3D DFA/DFM capability has been overwhelmingly positive.” said Mukesh Vasani, CEO from Aimtron Corporation.


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