Vayo participated in the international circuit board and electronic assembly technology exhibition in San Diego, California in 2018



Exhibition introduction

The exhibition, jointly sponsored by the international electronic industry association (IPC) and the American international exchange group (AIE), has successfully developed into a prestigious professional exhibition in the electronics industry in North America. At the same time, the American association of international electronic industrial connection on behalf of the American PCB and electronic assembly industry comprehensive international organization, its members come from all over the world, it provides the members policies and regulations, the latest technology and management, international affairs, and the research results on the development trend, etcs .

Vayo’s American Market

America as target market for Vayo , the marker size is vast, market quality is excellent. Through several years exploration,  understanding  the market demands in details, Vayo has supply series of perfect solution for many American companies, and gained a good reputation in American manufacture field.

Vayo’s  pictures in this Exhibition

Vayo introduction

Vayo technology is a software enterprise specializing in the design of DFM simulation of electronic substrate (PCB/PCBA). The thesis advocates the virtual review of 3D PCBA with knowledge and systematization to found PCBA substrate design defects and hidden trouble in the first time. It can reduce the number of times of sample and revision, make sure high quality design and manufacture smoothly.

Vayo software:

Vayopro-DFM Expert

Vayopro-SMT Expert

Vayopro-Test Expert

Vayopro-Document Expert

Vayopro-View Expert




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