Vayo DRC+

DRC+ (advanced DRC check) enhances the function of DRC function of EDA software like (Cadence, Allegro/OrCAD, Altium designer, Mentor/Pads, Zuken, …), it offers design engineer a simple tool to find design mistake/errors and improve design quality.


Support CAD data source

DRC+ could support more datasource like Cadence Allegro/OrCAD, Mentor, PowerPCB, Altium/Protel, Zuken, ODB++, Accel, ….


Easy access from EDA software

If you are using Cadence Allegro or Altium Designer, you could easily access DRC+ from its menu.

PCB & fabrication related check

With approximate 300 checking rules, you could find out design error and obvious fabrication problem immediately.

PCB assembly related check

With approximate 700 checking rules, you could find out obvious design error/issue related to assembly immediately.

Test points related check

With approximate 30 checking rules, you could find out obvious design error/issue related to test points immediately.

Interactive result query

After having running full analysis to your PCB, you could interactive confirm the result with PCB graphic location, and it could even point to the location immediately if you are design PCB with Cadence Allegro or Altium Designer.

Flexible rule configuration

You could use standard checking rules, and you also could easily fine-tune parameters of checking rules to better meet your needs.

Product functions and features

Vayo team keep improving existing functions and features of Vayo DRC+, and expect to deliver more value to our customer than what they expected.

Customer testimonials

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