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Intelligent NPI software

accelerating design to manufacturing, towards industry 4.0
intelligent, automatic, error-proof, easy

a 3D DFA/DFM solution

DFM Expert

intelligent DFX analysis


Business risk


Cycle time
SMT Expert

intelligent placement programming

testability & strategy

Test Expert

test analysis & program generation

intelligent document generation

Document Expert

work instruction automation

20 mins

accomplish stencil design for
boards with >200,000 pads
Stencil Designer

automatic stencil design

productivity tools for entire team

View Expert

board view and fast query

simple & effective Gerber tool


Gerber data view & conversion

your external team

Contract Engineering Service

DFA/DFM, placement programming, DFT, …

Vayo: 16 Years Dedication

intelligent NPI software

Worldwide Customer Recognition

> 20 countries, >10 industries

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Vayo established business and technology strategy with leading industry solution providers

Latest News & Blog

  • Why is DFM Software Becoming Inevitable for PCB Manufacturability Analysis 2022-01-24

    In the context of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent tools are becoming a necessary aid for PCB manufacturability analysis. From the earliest human inspection to the intelligent software-aided, technological innovation has not only promoted the efficiency, but also facilitated the development and improvement of the entire manufacturing industry.

  • Design-for-Manufacturing Software Comparison for You to Decide Between Tools 2022-01-19

    Here we shall introduce two popular DFM software among the industry: Valor by Mentor Graphics Vs. DFM Expert by Vayo Technology. Both two DFM software products have featured integration of manufacturing into PCB design, aiming to reduce re-spins and accelerate new product introduction cycle.

  • 39 Common DFX Concepts 2022-01-14

    DFX indicates the design dealing with every process of NPI cycle. X could represent any process or feature of NPI cycle. As a modern integrated design method, it shall take every factor of product into account, including performance, quality, manufacturability, assimilability, testability, service and price, etc., aiming to get it right at the first time. […]

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