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Intelligent NPI software

accelerating design to manufacturing, towards industry 4.0
intelligent, automatic, error-proof, easy

a 3D DFA/DFM solution

DFM Expert

intelligent DFX analysis


Business risk


Cycle time
SMT Expert

intelligent placement programming

testability & strategy

Test Expert

test analysis & program generation

intelligent document generation

Document Expert

work instruction automation

20 mins

accomplish stencil design for
boards with >200,000 pads
Stencil Designer

automatic stencil design

productivity tools for entire team

View Expert

board view and fast query

simple & effective Gerber tool


Gerber data view & conversion

your external team

Contract Engineering Service

DFA/DFM, placement programming, DFT, …

Vayo: 16 Years Dedication

intelligent NPI software

Worldwide Customer Recognition

> 20 countries, >10 industries

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Latest News & Blog

  • Webinar Invitation | Work Instruction (SOP/SIC) Preparation Automation 2022-05-24

    Visual work instruction software for SMT factories Join us for a webinar to explore more about Vayo’s visual work instruction software. Register for this webinar using the links below: June 21 & 23 Register–-American Session:  Tue, 21 Jun 2022, 9:00AM, @ San Francisco Register–Euro&Asia Session:  Thu, 23 Jun 2022, 10:00AM, @ Munich / Thu, 23 Jun 2022, […]

  • Entech Electronics Pty Ltd Selects VayoPro-Document Expert software 2022-05-23

    Vayo Technology, a global provider of all-in-one industrial software, announces that Entech Electronics that delivers world class electronic manufacturing and support services to customers globally, has selected VayoPro-Document Expert software developed by Vayo Technology. In manufacturing industry, preparing work instruction document is almost a routine work for industry engineer. In the era of smart factory and intelligent […]

  • ECT Hungary Kft Selects VayoPro – Test Expert 2022-05-10

    Vayo Technology, a global provider of all-in-one industrial software, announces that ECT Hungary Kft, a leading provider of high quality PCBA test solutions, has selected Vayo Technology’s VayoPro – Test Expert software. ECT has implemented VayoPro-Test Expert, aiming to achieve the accurate analysis of Test coverage and fast test program generation, like in-circuit test programming and flying […]

  • DFT Strategy | Edwards Lifesciences LLC Implements Vayo’s DFT strategy analysis 2022-04-27

    Good news! Edwards Lifesciences LLC, a global leader in patient-focused medical innovations for structural heart disease, as well as critical care and surgical monitoring, decides to implement Vayo Technology’s DFT strategy. Edwards has implemented Vayo Technology’s VayoPro – Test Expert since year 2020. Today, Edwards decides to introduce Test Expert’s DFT strategy module, hoping to […]

  • Webinar Invitation | Advanced DFT/Testability & Strategy Analysis for PCBA Testing 2022-04-15

    Are you interested in intelligent testing analysis for your PCBA? Vayo has devoted 15+ years to NPI/DFT software for electronics (SMT) industry. Join us to see live demonstration to intelligent testing analysis software solution.   Main function & usage of VayoPro-Test Expert: 1. Nail access DFT/testability analysis & report generation 2. Easy test strategy analysis […]

  • Scanditron Sverige AB Selects Vayo’s SMT Expert software 2022-04-01

    Vayo Technology, a global provider of all-in-one industrial software, announces that Scanditron Sverige AB, market-leading supplier of machines, lasercut stencils, material, support and automation for the manufacture of electronic products, has selected Vayo’s VayoPro-SMT Expert software. By implementing this efficient SMT programming software, Scanditron aims to improve the efficiency of the off-line programming and in-line commissioning. […]

  • Visual work instruction software: Automate document preparation 2022-05-19

    Introduction: Visual work instruction software or digital work instruction software is becoming indispensable for shop floor of SMT factory to create digital step-by-step instructions for assembly line. In PCB manufacturing field, there are lots of documents required to ensure the normal operation of shop floor. Along with the continuous development and improvement of manufacturing industry, […]

  • VayoPro – Test Expert: Test Coverage Estimation, DFT Strategy Analysis, Tester Programming 2022-05-13

    Introduction: Trending towards the Industry 4.0, the market puts more emphasis on the shorter time to market, higher quality and lower cost. Introducing the DFT (Design for testability) technology into the PCB design is an critical approach to improve the testability of PCBA, thus shortening the NPI cycle. An intelligent test software for PCBA test […]

  • A Powerful Tool to Accelerate In-Circuit Test (ICT) Program Development 2022-05-09

    VayoPro – Test Expert could generate test program for leading In-circuit test (ICT) equipment like Keysight (i3070, i1000), Teradyne test station (GR 228x), TRI (TR518, TR5001, TR8001), Spea (T300, 3030IL), Seica (Next), … VayoPro – Test Expert not only comes with typical nail selection & tester output function, but also comes with unique function for In-circuit test (ICT)  program […]

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