VayoPro-SMT Expert, an essential tool for intelligent & fast programming to new product introduction. It fasts conversion of CAD/Gerber/BOM data, intelligent corrects parts angle/rotation, fastsgeneration of placement program/recipe, outputs feeder list & assembly drawing document, converts existing program/recipe among different placement platform. It minimizes human interfere error, reduces programming & fine-tuning cycle, leverages machine utilization and save labor cost.

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Powerful data processing capability, Smooth communication with customer or R&D

Whatever you build product for your client or your own brand, and whatever you are engineer or manager, you shall not encounter the trouble/headache/difficulty, that can't process data from your client or R&D department quickly, any more with VayoPro-SMT Expert. VayoPro-SMT Expert could deal with following PCB CAD & Gerber data source.

Support Gerber source

It supports RS-274-X & RS-274-D Gerber data source; and it utilizes XY coordinates file to achieve fast program generation.


BOM validation & import

It supports BOM in Text & Excel formats, validate BOM internal errors (duplicated parts, quantity not match, duplicated PN & etc) and perform cross verifcation with CAD (wrong part, missing parts & etc). And it could output customized internal BOM, which minimizes human interfere errors.

Powerful panelization

VayoPro-SMT Expert supports multi-level panelization, array panelization, multi-angle panelization, Top&Bottom panelization, multiple products panelization & etc.


Intelligent capture fiducial mark

It intelligent captures fiducial mark from PCB layout, which greatly improve the work efficiency.


Intelligent correct parts rotation/angle/polarity

 Whatever data source used for placement programming is from XY data, Gerber or PCB CAD, it can’t offer mount angle; hence engineers have to manual correct parts rotation/angle/polarity for each component one by one. VayoPro-SMT Expert intelligent corrects rotation/angle/polarity and outputs mount angle directly, which minimizes human interfere error and saves machine occupy time.


Virtual line & factory

You could match line/equipment configuration with your real production environment. VayoPro-SMT Expert shall generate program/recipe corresponding to your line/equipment configuration (Machine model, feeder, header, nozzle, camera & etc).

Part library

VayoPro-SMT Expert supports PD library for placement machine like Fuji, Panasonic, ASM/Siplace, Yamaha & etc. You could create PD offline and it intelligent link machine PD. At the end, those parameters shall apply to recipe/program generated.


Line balancing & machine optimization

 VayoPro-SMT Expert could execute line balancing and machine optimization (Feeder, Nozzle, Speed, Path & etc).

Fast placement program generation

VayoPro-SMT Expert could generate program/recipe for varies of placement machine as below:

Output program for AOI/X-Ray machine

VayoPro-SMT Expert could generate program for AOI/AXI/X-ray besides of placement machine.

Generate program for AI Machine

VayoPro-SMT Expert could generate program for auto-insert machine (Axial/Radial).

Feeder loading list

VayoPro-SMT Expert could generate configurable & comprehensive feeder loading list in Excel or ASCII format for line setup.

Assembly drawing

VayoPro-SMT Expert could generate assembly drawing automatically, which is essential document for first article inspection.

Program conversion

VayoPro-SMT Expert could convert existing program/recipe among different placement platform, which greatly reduce line/site transfer cycle.

Data validation

Powerful data validation function verifies existing placement recipe/program through multiple method, which reduce program errors caused by ECO change, employee resign or other incorrect operation.


ECN/ECO automation (customization)

Vayo offers customization/development service, which could enable you to transfer ECN/ECO change to placement program/recipe automatically. Meanwhile Rev. comparison function could find out BOM/CAD revision difference and validate ECN/ECO content for you.

Step by Step Operation Guide

Step by Step operation guide ease learning & usage of software.

Efficiency Improvement
Item VayoPro-SMT Expert Efficiency Improvement
CAD & Gerber Import Direct utilize original design data >85%
BOM Validation & Merge Automation process, Minimize human interfere error >70%
Correct Parts Angle Automatic correct angle for all parts in seconds, reduce machine occupy time during trial run >80%
Program Generation Support mix line, maximize machine utilization, low changeover cycle >50%
Feeder Loading List Automatic generate varies kinds of loading list according to line configuration; >80%
Assembly Drawing Generate visible drawing for first article inspection >80%
Program Conversion Recipe/Program conversion among different platform >60%
Data validation Automatic validate program, CAD, BOM & feeder list >90%
Business Benefits
1. Fast program generation;
2. Save NPI Cycle and short time to market;
3. Increase machine utilization;
4. Minimize human interfere error;
5. Leverage manufacturing capability

   Annual subscription: 5K USD only
Experience full functionality for 3 weeks!

Access solution details (presentation, datasheet, operation video, sample outputs/reports/documents) for a better deep understanding to Vayo NPI software subscription.


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