VayoPro-SMT Expert, an essential tool for intelligent & fast programming to new product introduction. It fasts conversion of CAD/Gerber/BOM data, intelligent corrects parts angle/rotation, fastsgeneration of placement program/recipe, outputs feeder list & assembly drawing document, converts existing program/recipe among different placement platform. It minimizes human interfere error, reduces programming & fine-tuning cycle, leverages machine utilization and save labor cost.

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Powerful data processing capability, Smooth communication with customer or R&D

Whatever you build product for your client or your own brand, and whatever you are engineer or manager, you shall not encounter the trouble/headache/difficulty, that can't process data from your client or R&D department quickly, any more with VayoPro-SMT Expert. VayoPro-SMT Expert could deal with following PCB CAD & Gerber data source.

Support Gerber source

It supports RS-274-X & RS-274-D Gerber data source; and it utilizes XY coordinates file to achieve fast program generation.


BOM validation & import

It supports BOM in Text & Excel formats, validate BOM internal errors (duplicated parts, quantity not match, duplicated PN & etc) and perform cross verifcation with CAD (wrong part, missing parts & etc). And it could output customized internal BOM, which minimizes human interfere errors.

Powerful panelization

VayoPro-SMT Expert supports multi-level panelization, array panelization, multi-angle panelization, Top&Bottom panelization, multiple products panelization & etc.


Intelligent capture fiducial mark

It intelligent captures fiducial mark from PCB layout, which greatly improve the work efficiency.


Intelligent correct parts rotation/angle/polarity

 Whatever data source used for placement programming is from XY data, Gerber or PCB CAD, it can’t offer mount angle; hence engineers have to manual correct parts rotation/angle/polarity for each component one by one. VayoPro-SMT Expert intelligent corrects rotation/angle/polarity and outputs mount angle directly, which minimizes human interfere error and saves machine occupy time.


Virtual line & factory

You could match line/equipment configuration with your real production environment. VayoPro-SMT Expert shall generate program/recipe corresponding to your line/equipment configuration (Machine model, feeder, header, nozzle, camera & etc).

Part library

VayoPro-SMT Expert supports PD library for placement machine like Fuji, Panasonic, ASM/Siplace, Yamaha & etc. You could create PD offline and it intelligent link machine PD. At the end, those parameters shall apply to recipe/program generated.


Line balancing & machine optimization

 VayoPro-SMT Expert could execute line balancing and machine optimization (Feeder, Nozzle, Speed, Path & etc).

Fast placement program generation

VayoPro-SMT Expert could generate program/recipe for varies of placement machine as below:

Output program for AOI/X-Ray machine

VayoPro-SMT Expert could generate program for AOI/AXI/X-ray besides of placement machine.

Generate program for AI Machine

VayoPro-SMT Expert could generate program for auto-insert machine (Axial/Radial).

Feeder loading list

VayoPro-SMT Expert could generate configurable & comprehensive feeder loading list in Excel or ASCII format for line setup.

Assembly drawing

VayoPro-SMT Expert could generate assembly drawing automatically, which is essential document for first article inspection.

Program conversion

VayoPro-SMT Expert could convert existing program/recipe among different placement platform, which greatly reduce line/site transfer cycle.

Data validation

Powerful data validation function verifies existing placement recipe/program through multiple method, which reduce program errors caused by ECO change, employee resign or other incorrect operation.


ECN/ECO automation (customization)

Vayo offers customization/development service, which could enable you to transfer ECN/ECO change to placement program/recipe automatically. Meanwhile Rev. comparison function could find out BOM/CAD revision difference and validate ECN/ECO content for you.

Step by Step Operation Guide

Step by Step operation guide ease learning & usage of software.

Efficiency Improvement
Item VayoPro-SMT Expert Efficiency Improvement
CAD & Gerber Import Direct utilize original design data >85%
BOM Validation & Merge Automation process, Minimize human interfere error >70%
Correct Parts Angle Automatic correct angle for all parts in seconds, reduce machine occupy time during trial run >80%
Program Generation Support mix line, maximize machine utilization, low changeover cycle >50%
Feeder Loading List Automatic generate varies kinds of loading list according to line configuration; >80%
Assembly Drawing Generate visible drawing for first article inspection >80%
Program Conversion Recipe/Program conversion among different platform >60%
Data validation Automatic validate program, CAD, BOM & feeder list >90%
Business Benefits
1. Fast program generation;
2. Save NPI Cycle and short time to market;
3. Increase machine utilization;
4. Minimize human interfere error;
5. Leverage manufacturing capability

Experience full functionality for 3 weeks!

Access solution details (presentation, datasheet, operation video, sample outputs/reports/documents) for a better deep understanding to Vayo NPI software subscription.


Customer Testimonials
Mohamad Azlan Ahmad, SMT Programmer, Intel Products (M) SDN BHD
(Location: Malaysia & USA)

We are amazing to see Vayo's innovative solution could increase current placement programming approach of us comparing other industry CAD convert solution. Especially the accelerator function could help us a lot on component placement orientation for our new ASM/Siplace machine, we don't need to do mapping Gerber file within SiplacePro software and check placement orientation one by one any more.

Tony Zhou, President & CEO of RayVal Technologies, Board Director of IPC
(Location: Suzhou, China)

As a fast growing EMS company, we need to support varies of product design data from different customer. From the selection of Vayo solution on the year of 2007, we are able to support these data source whatever we receives what kind of data from new customer, and then quickly complete the NPI (data verification and placement programming).

Worldwide customer selection

Vayo solution has been selected by customer and installed in >20 countries and regions world wide.

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